I am Frank and I was born in 1963.

Since 7 March 2018 I have passed for my Radio Amateur Licence.
And I am in the process of obtaining the Full-license.

From the age of 10 I came into contact with a one channel walkie talkie, the Skyfon Solid State Transceiver - Super Heterodyen System.
At some point I found out there were more channels than one.
I went to the store to buy some crystals*.
And then was addicted to this hobby. *Note: I mean with Crystals Not the drugs of course :-)
I took my fishing rod and put iron wire around it to the top. And attached it to the antenna of the walkie talkie. Wow I worked stations that are further away.

Until I was 35 years old I was active on the 27 Mhz including packet radio.
And I ran a BBS called PS2BBS.
I live in Biddinghuizen, and am married to Tammee.
We have 6 cats of the Raggdoll's breed.
I work in the IT department of a large company in Amersfoort,
the company has about 1300 employees.
And I support the internal employees with their IT questions and problems.

To be continued later....